Hanuman Dhoka Palace Complex

Upon entering the Hanuman Dhoka Palace Complex you will be greeted by a statue of Hanuman which was erected in 1672. He acts as the guardian of the palace and visitors assist in keeping his face painted red. Lord Narasimha can also be seen near the entrance and is a fascinating sight. The statue, which depicts Narasimha as half lion and half man, is defeating Hiranyakasipu, a known demon. It makes you wonder, “what is waiting up ahead?”

The Hanuman Dhoka Palace Complex, or Durbar Square, was once home to the kings of Nepal. The last Royal Family left the complex in the year 1886. The Royal Families would, in the future, be housed in the Narayan Hitti Palace. But the Hanuman Dhoka Palace Complex continued to play a significant role in ceremonies and especially in coronations. Here, in the Durbar Square, visitors will be able to visit a variety of temples and three different museums. Located inside the complex is the Tribhuvan Museum

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